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Result  in real  time through the online software with survey in  5 simultaneous channels: Webmail, Handheld online, Eletronic Kiosk and Website.

- Unique responses and multiple responses

- Open fields for comments

- Variables in grid, Ranking, Multimedia, Filters, Loops and jumps


Database export  for treatment, processing and analysis, for excell, sas, spss, etc;


Researches In the External Environment:

- Demand Research – Products and services

- Identifying new niches

- Monitoring the competition

- Customer Satisfaction

- Pre and post testing of advertising campaigns

- Share of Mind


Researchs in the internal environment:

- Organizational Climate Survey

- Diagnosis of work safety

- Organizational Situational diagnosis

- We adopted ANEP code of ethics (National Association of Research Companies (http://www.datavale-sp.com.br/codigo_etica.pdf)  to perform the studies and researches .